This dress is a fashion project made during the Fashion Hackathon 2016, where severals teams work 24h on one project idea.


Our project explores the way of using data against sexual harassment. It focuses on the social problem of under-reported harassment, for example in the subway of Mexico City. The idea is to make these unreported cases visible.


As the dress is a prototype, the continuative idea would be the connection with IoT to store and receive relevant data as a wearer in any possible place. The dress shows the map of Mexico City subway and displays the stations. If a case of sexual harassment is reported the station turns from blue to red.


The Team worked with electronic components such as Lilypad, LEDs and EL-wire. The fabric was produced with the laser cutting and the knitting machine at Fab Lab Berlin.


1. Price at Fashion Hack Day 2016, Berlin

Team: Nayeli Vega, Sarah Hermanutz, Sophie Kellner